Do Any Hockey Players Use Wood Sticks?

Players Use Wood Sticks
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By a long way, hockey sticks have developed importantly, with modern materials like fiberglass and composite becoming standard. Though there is still a niche market for wood sticks, and some hockey players, both professionals, and non-professionals, continue to use them, In this article, we will survey the reasons why some hockey players favor wood sticks, who uses them, and their advantages and disadvantages.

Why Do Some Hockey Players Use Wood Sticks?

  1. Traditional Feel:  For many players the traditional feel and handling of wood sticks are valued. Compared to modern composite sticks they provide a different tangible experience, which some players find more familiar or comfortable.
  2. Cost-Effective: Wood sticks are generally more affordable than top-tier composite sticks, making them a practical option for players on a budget or those who prefer not to make heavy investments in equipment.
  3. Durability: Without breaking as easily some players find that wood sticks can withstand rough play and effects composite sticks are known for their longevity and performance benefits.

Who Uses Wood Sticks?

  1. Amateur Players: In fun and non-professional leagues, because of their affordability and availability you will usually find players using woodsticks. These players may not require the advanced features of composite sticks and prefer the simplicity of wood.
  2. Young Players: Beginners and young players usually start with wood sticks before transitioning to composite sticks as they progress in skill and experience.
  3. Nostalgic Players: For wistful reasons some experienced players or fans prefer using wood sticks, remembering the early days of hockey when wood sticks were the standard.

Advantages of Wood Sticks:             

  1. Affordability: Wood sticks are usually more budget-friendly as compared to composite sticks, making them reachable to a wider array of players.
  2. Traditional Feel:  The natural feel and handling of wood sticks can be attractive to players who value tradition and simplicity.
  3. Durability: While not as long-lasting as composite sticks, can still resist a fair amount of use and abuse without breaking easily.

Disadvantages of Wood Sticks:

  1. Weight: Wood sticks are usually heavier than modern composite sticks, which on the ice can affect a p wider array of players’ speed and dexterity.
  2. Performance: When it comes to performance, composite sticks provide superior features like shot power, and puck control compared to wood sticks.
  3. Limited Features: Advanced features are lacking in wood sticks and in modern composite customization options are available, such as flex profiles, grip variations, and blade patterns.


While the majority of ice hockey players today utilize composite sticks for their efficiency advantages, there is still a multiple niche of wood sticks in the market. It doesn’t matter if you are a starter beginner, an economical ice hockey player, or simply regret the nostalgic days of ice hockey, wood sticks remain a usable choice in the universe of ice hockey gear. Whether you’re a beginner, a budget-conscious player, or simply wistful of the old days of hockey, wood sticks remain a workable option in the world of hockey equipment.

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Are wooden hockey sticks still used?

Yes, players still use wooden sticks, even so, because their lightweight composite is more popular. 

Are wooden hockey sticks better than composite ones?

It depends on needs. Wooden sticks provide a traditional feel and longevity, while composites may provide more power and are lighter.

What are the sticks in hockey called?

The sticks used in hockey are simply known as “hockey sticks.”

What is the difference between wood and stick?

In terms of hockey “wood” is the material used in some hockey sticks, while “stick” is itself a piece of equipment.

Where can I find wooden hockey sticks for crafts?  

You can find wooden hockey sticks for crafts at specialty stores, through auctions, second-hand shops, and online marketplaces.

Where can I purchase wood hockey sticks in bulk?

In bulk, you can purchase wooden sticks from online retailers, and wholesale sports equipment suppliers or directly from producers.

What makes vintage wood hockey sticks desirable?

The things that make vintage wood sticks desirable are Wistfulness, historical importance, and craftsmanship.

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